QR Code – Your Brand “Jumpscan”

Create your own QR Code.  Try using  JumpScan.  A great way to share your virtual brand and contact information.   A QR reader is all it takes to scan your content.  Most smart phones have applications to do this. 

More Jumpscan  http://jumpscan.com/

To put it in Lehman’s Terms  “ Your own personal quick response barcode to scan, connect and share.

Doug Lehman is a proactive Video Marketer and Sales Leader that specializes in sales training videos, brand awareness videos, video blogging, media interviews and client testimonials for small business owners, entrepreneurs, trainers, agencies and minority based organizations.
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  1. Doug, you got yourself a really nice blog here. Came here from linkedin when you told me about your QR code article.

  2. @Darren Chabluk
    Thanks for the kind words Darren. I saw your post on linkedin as well. Thank you

  3. Doug, Thanks for the nice write up. We also have a sister site at ScanTag.com for businesses that need to create multiple codes. Good for realtors, web designers, etc.

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