Atlanta Authors and Speakers “Social Selling TV Episode ATL”

I would like to spotlight five authors and speakers based here in Atlanta, Georgia that have made an impact on me. I have learned a great deal from them on topics of personal branding, sales, health, business practices and personal empowerment

My Atlanta Five for Five in the web episode on Social Selling TV.

Melissa Dawn Johnson

Kim N. Carswell

Victor Antonio

Madison Carlista

Barbara Giamanco

Doug Lehman is a proactive Video Marketer and Sales Leader that specializes in sales training videos, brand awareness videos, video blogging, media interviews and client testimonials for small business owners, entrepreneurs, trainers, agencies and minority based organizations.
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  1. Doug,

    Thank you so much for your video book review. I’m honored to be reviewed in the company of such fine authors in the Atlanta marketplace. You’ve found your niche my friend…you ARE the brand ambassador of social video engagement! Nice job!


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