Social Video Services

Do you have a product, service or event to showcase? The use of web video is a powerful way to show and tell your story.  We specialize in Sales Training Videos, Video Testimonials, Video Interviews, Event Videos and Web Video Profiles.  Video storytelling with a fresh and candid perspective for your clients to conceptualize, visualize and recognize.

We offer an extensive list of video services collaborating with high-level production companies to meet your video promotions needs from Corporate Videos, Small Business Video and Entrepreneurial Projects.  We provide flexible, competitive pricing with a fast turnaround.

What make us unique is that we deliver more than simple web video production.   We develop a comprehensive video marketing strategy leveraging social networking sites and video content to get seen.  My Social Video adds the elements of social selling video, building brand awareness, improving customer engagement and generating more sales.


* Leveraging your Video with Social Media Channels.   Improving Customer Engagement.

Sales Training Videos

We offer video sales training services.  My Social Video leverages video to train and educate your sales and marketing teams by producing comprehensive engaging training videos. Our mission is to train your team with video content to expedite the sales cycle and close more sales with consumers, retailers, buyers and suppliers.  An effective sales training video can reduce costs especially when it comes to travel and training expenses, build brand awareness and increase revenue.

We keep it educational and make it social to improve sales results

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