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Are you interested in doing web video but need direction on getting started!   What type of video content should you produce? Where should you host the video? What is best video distribution plan for your business?  What is the most cost effective video solution?   How can we leverage social media and traditional media with online video?   How can we use video to enhance our sales process and improve customer engagement?

There are a number of things to consider when implementing a web video strategy and that is where we come into play.  As your own brand ambassador coaching team, we will strategize your project in detail including budget and video production service options.

















We are partnered with a number of Video Production Companies that can provide customizable web video production services.  Let us assist you with selecting a video production company that will meet and exceed your expectations for your Web Video Campaign



Do you have a product or service to showcase? The use of web video is a powerful way to show and tell your story.  As a video brand ambassador we produce storytelling content that offers a fresh and candid perspective for your audience to conceptualize, visualize and recognize your brand.  Besides producing compelling and engaging content, your video must be seen. We can assist with a video distribution plan using social media platforms to increase your exposure and web traffic.


















































Let’s work together to create compelling video that is watchable, findable, sharable and actionable. To put it in Lehman’s Terms, let’s produce video that is engaging for your audience to respond and react providing a clear CTA “Call to Action” getting results!









I love to speak on the topics of social Selling, Social media sales training, online personal branding and video marketing.  We now offer a customized online webinar series on how to use video to enhance your sales process “Social Video Sales Training”.  We engage audiences on all levels, students, entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers, sales organizations and sales executives.   These programs and workshops can be conducted onsite or through webinars.





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