Work with us as your Brand Ambassador – Business Development Team for hire.  We provide a number of services to increase your revenue, build brand loyalty and improve customer engagement

Here are some of the services offerings that we provide

Business Development “Social Selling Specialist”

  • Direct Sales, Face-to-Face Presentations
  • Sales and Service Training multiple industries
  • Lead Generation, Account Management, Client Engagement
  • Effectively calling on C level Executives, Enterprise, SMB and the Consumer Market
  • Product Demonstrator, POS Trainer, Event Spokesperson

Visit  Visual CV Sales and Service Training Portfolio

Web-based Training  “Virtual Account Management”

  • Webinar Facilitator (WebEx and GoTo Meeting)
  • Online Training Account Management
  • Online Marketing B2B

Brand Ambassador

  • Tradeshow/Event Spokesperson
  • Personal Branding Online Coaching
  • Product Demonstrator
  • Product Trainer

Video Engagement Services

  • Video Blogger – Video Promoter
  • Trainer Speaker “Social Selling Video Webinars”
  • Video Brand Ambassador
  • Video Book Reviews and YouTube
  • Customizable Web Video Services
  • Business Interview Videos
  • Client Testimonial Videos
  • Video Product and Service Reviews
  • Video Profiles, Video Brochures, Video Bio
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