Introduction Video to my visual cv resume highlighting my experience with current projects in Sales and Business Development https://www.visualcv.com/douglaslehman

Introduction Video to my visual cv resume highlighting my experience in media production service for the sales and service industry. https://www.visualcv.com/douglaslehman

Leveraging Video Marketing and Audio Production for Sales Leaders and Service Trainers specializing in story selling media content for sales professionals, authors, speakers, agencies and minority-based organizations utilizing social media, video and audio campaigns that resonate results with your intended customer audience. Ten years media production experience combined with an extensive sales and marketing background.

Connecting at Sales Conferences Virtually through Video. #DF14 Dreamforce Does Event Video Properly

Nothing is better than networking at a live conference but in some cases, you cannot attend the event due to travel, location, costs and schedule conflicts. Video is the next best thing to being there. This year’s Dreamforce conference hosted by salesforce.com understands the power of leveraging event video.

Dreamforce has put together a series of informational videos to help event newcomers get the full value of their mega conference October 13-16. The Road to Dreamforce and Inside Dreamforce Video Clips are a great resource with significant content.

What I also like about Dreamforce is there are numerous live streaming video segments taking place. Just go to the event website and follow the event hashtag #DF14. If you cannot experience this event in person, at least you have options virtually. Social Video is powerful for events; it amplifies event user experience, increases visibility and keeps your event relevant with real-time visual marketing.

I know I will be following the event hastage #DF14 closely looking for video content, watching live streams, sharing content socially. As sales professional, I am truly looking forward to watching the live video stream hosted by Insidesales.com featuring some of today’s top sales influencers live from Dreamforce

Informational Videos, Video Recaps, Live Streaming Video what’s not to love about Dreamforce. I wish I was attending
but at least I get to see it visually through social video and visual event marketing. I hope see lots of video footage, blog content and recaps.

My Virtual Video Introduction for Dreamforce #DF14



Leveraging Video for Business and Sales – How I Started

Video is a powerful platform for business and when used with sales and social correctly, the results can be tremendous. Today, I want to share with you my video business journey.

A few years ago, I launched my own business as a salesman for hire, a brand ambassador that is passionate about customer engagement and sales training. At that time, the economy and job market was challenging but I desired to leverage all my work experience and transferable skills to start something new.

Now I have always been passionate about learning new technologies when it comes to marketing and sales. The rise of Social Media and social selling was in sync with my own business personal development plan.

One day I added a video to my website and my journey into video production and leveraging social selling video began. It would only be fitting to continue this story in Video. “Watch the Videos”


My Video Business Story Why I do Social Selling Video

In Lehman’s Terms, I learned the following about Video Marketing for Sales Performance.

  • Video Expedite The Sales Process
  • Video Builds Brand Awareness
  • Video Improves Customer Engagement
  • Using Social amplifies your Video Marketing Strategy.

Video Production can be simple, productive, fun and cost effective with numerous benefits. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Why I do Social Selling Video

New Video Client Portfolio, Slideshare with Video meets social proof.

Video is a powerful tool and when leveraged with social networking sites  it amplifies your brand VISUALLY through digital social proof.  Effective visual presentations can inspire emotion, engagement and calls to action.

The next time you do a visual presentation make a strong effort to leverage social networking sites to promote and engage the conversation.  You will be surprised by the results.

In this case,  I used my blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc to distribute content but my main platform was SLIDESHARE and Video.

In Lehman’s Terms  Be Visible use Video,  Leverage Social

Be  a digital storyteller with video.


If you’re Sales Professional, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Small Businessss Owner, Entrepreneur, Athlete,  Let’s talk about video to create that social experience
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Generate More Sales

Visual CV Services comes to an end

Doug Lehman's VisualCV


I am big fan of VisualCV but effective December 30, 2011 their online portfolio resume service is going away. I know there are a few options for online portfolio services out there but I will miss the look and usability of Visual CV.  I open to suggestions on new online services.   Let me know  your thoughts.

http://www.visualcv.com/www/about_us/closing.html Visual CV Cease Operations.






Happy Mother’s Day Mom Artist Susan Lehman

Happy Mother’s Day All. Today I wanted to share with you an interview I did with my Mom back in December of 2009. My mom, Susan Lehman, is an artist that specializes in several forms of artwork. We discussed her work with oil paintings, acrylic paintings, block prints and collages. You will get a better understanding of the process of creating and designing different artistic projects. I get my creativity from my mom, so I thought it would a great time and platform to visualize and conceptualize her artwork which has made a direct impact on me. Happy Mother’s Day.

This Presentation was made with Windows Movie Maker 2.6. All the artwork and pictures etc were photographed with a Cell Phone, A Palm Pre to be exact. I wish the quality was better but you get an adequate visual of a picture of a picture.

Happy Thanksgiving – Dynamic Duo

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Enjoy your families and friends.  I am very thankful for your friendships, support and business throughout the year.  Happy Thanksgiving.  I look forward to a great holiday season.

I want to recognize two Atlanta Business Women who have made an impact on me and my new business model over the last month, 

 Nan Ross and Melissa Dawn Johnson

This dynamic duo delivers their message with clarity and class. Both have a great social media following as consultants they can bring it. I look forward to working with them both again soon and listening to their blog talk radio shows

More information on this dynamic duo. 

Melissa Dawn Johnson – an innovative brand strategist
President and CEO, Velvet Suite Marketing Consulting Group, Inc.

Nan Ross – Social Media Marketing Coach
President of Corporate Cosmo

To put it in Lehman’s Lehman Terms  Happy Thanksgiving!

The key words Thanks and Giving


Atlanta’s Co-Working Community "Strongbox West"

Back in January, I starting working at a co-working office on Atlanta’s Northwest Side called Strongbox West.  I found this to be an awesome spot to brainstorm and meet several dynamic people functioning in the entrepreneurial and startup business world.

What makes Strongbox West special and unique is the leadership and direction provided by the founders of Strongbox West, Rick Myers and Amy Hoover.  It is apparent when you walk in the door and spend some time at Strongbox West.  Strongbox West is a community more than a standard co-working office building with WiFi internet access, desks, conference rooms and individual offices.  Strongbox provides members with several takeaways like free coffee, hosting events and membership appreciation functions.

I have spent many hours working at Strongbox West working on my own business model  Lehman’s Terms of Business.  Strongbox West provided me with a great environment and mindset to do this.  They even allowed me to host my own startup talk show which now has been picked up by another network S2O Productions.

To put it in Lehman’s Lehman Terms …..If you are an entrepreneur, start-up business, freelancer, at home or small business, Strongbox West is worth looking at. The place to co-work in Atlanta located near Howell Mill Rd and Chattahoochee Avenue.  It’s a 24 hour community with a great working environment.

Thanks Strongbox West

More on Strongbox West http://www.strongboxwest.com/


Happy Labor Day – Thanks Silverstone Media

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone. I wanted to thank David Weeks from Silverstone Media Group for his production work on Lehman’s Terms of Business Talk Show Introduction Video. David did a great job and I look forward to working with his group again.

More on Silverstone Media Group


To put it in Lehman’s Terms, Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend with friends and family. Have fun and be safe. Try to use the time to reflect and rest. Many consider Labor Day as a close to summer but in Atlanta the temperature is high and it’s time for a big push to year end.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Current Projects My Dynamic 3

The last couple of months have been a challenging time for me launching my own business concept.    The good news is I’ve been fortunate to help and support three dynamic business women.  During my time of transition they took a shot at Lehman’s Terms and provided opportunities that I am truly grateful for. 

To put it in Lehman’s Terms, 

My dynamic three,  

Barb, Madison and Sherry.

Barb Giamanco is the CEO of Talent Builders, Inc.  Barb is an experienced sales and social media strategist, consultant, speaker and now an author of new book titled “The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media” I have learned a great deal from Barb and she can definately work a room as a speaker.  The new book will be a must read.

Checkout Barb at http://www.talentbuildersinc.com/

Sign up for her FREE e-book  http://www.thenewhandshake.com/

Madison Carlista is the creator of S2O Productions an interactive online televised variety programing network. As Madison states “Will see you on the other side of greateness” S2O is on the move.  Just wanted to thank her for the opporunity to be a talk host on the new upcoming network.

Sherry Elle Richardson is an Atlanta-based Actor, director and producer.  Sherry is the current chairperson for Women in Film and Televison International.  Sherry is conducting a workshop in Atlanta Saturday September 11 called “Jump Start Your Acting Career ”  I actually took the workshop last year and I was very impressed with the content, now I am honored to promote it.

 More on Sherry and the workshop http://www.jumpstartacting.info/

 Ladies thanks again for taking on shot on Lehman’s Terms.  You three are all doing big things. Thanks for showing me the love and opportunity.

Time to take the shot

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take “Wayne Gretzky”

It’s is time for me to step my game up and do this VLOG BLOG thing. Let’s put it in Lehman’s Terms..

Ready for New Opportunities

Welcome to Lehman's Terms

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