Are you a sales manager looking for training or a hiring manager (recruiter) looking for a specialized Talent? Are you a sales professional, author, speaker, trainer, small business owner, entrepreneur curious about sales strategies to create that visual social experience improving customer engagement, building brand awareness and generating more sales.

Today both sales and marketing need to work together to drive more revenue, deliver customer value and build customer advocacy. This is what I believe. THE SOCIAL PROOF, my blog posts, videos for Top Sales World, Social Selling TV and 20 Plus Year Resume. See my VISUAL CV, Published Posts and References.

Is your business leveraging Social Media Marketing and Social Selling Today? What about implementing the latest technology trends in sales and visual marketing to help expedite the sales cycle and improve the buying process?

► That’s where I come into play helping B2B Companies get that COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

How am I different? What makes me unique in marketing & sales?

► I’m your creative content sales oriented visual storyteller.

It is more than, solution selling, referral selling, consultative selling leveraging social networking. It’s about understanding how customer’s buy today. Enter Social Selling Video Marketing from your customer’s point of view achieving results.


* Product Training Videos, B2B Sales, Social Selling
* Video Book Reviews McGraw-Hall Business Insider
* Video Coaching, Sales Training, Video Blogging
* Video Sales Training, Video Testimonials, Video Interviews
* Event Sports Management Experiential Marketing, Inbound Marketing
* Webinar Trainer, Video Spokesperson



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