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Get Seen awesome read on online video engagement

Today I want to spotlight an awesome book .
Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business by Steve Garfield. This is a tremendous read filled with great tips and resources. Steve is the pioneer of video blogging and his 313 page book is filled with compelling stories and action plans. Steve truly is sharing his knowledge for the reader. The book is filled with great advice and interviews from subject matter experts. There are several takeaways for video engagement whether your a novice or video expert

To put it in Lehman’s Terms, this is a must read book on online video engagement and how to get seen, simply put this book is the text book standard for online video. I wish I would have read this book sooner

More on Steve Garfield checkout his website

Check out more great books in my video book review section.

Video Engagement – Yubby and Qualman

Today I want to spotlight two great resources Erik Qualman and

I can’t say enough about the dynamic Erik Qualman author of Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business, so I wanted to spotlight his work and let the videos tell the story for the audience to conceptualize, recognize and visualize.

The tool that I am using to spotlight Erik is an online video community that allows you to create video channels to share with your network. I love the features of this product, especially the ability to embed and post a video channel matrix. Although my new experience with Yubby is limited, I can say that it is user friendly and I plan on using Yubby more often. It rocks.

To put it in Lehman’s Terms, Yubby is an awesome tool to showcase video and Erik’s work is a story that must be shown. Still think social media is a fad? How about the influence of social media and video?
More on Yubby checkout their website on Erik checkout his website

QR Code – Your Brand “Jumpscan”

Create your own QR Code.  Try using  JumpScan.  A great way to share your virtual brand and contact information.   A QR reader is all it takes to scan your content.  Most smart phones have applications to do this. 

More Jumpscan

To put it in Lehman’s Terms  “ Your own personal quick response barcode to scan, connect and share.

Channel your start of video engagement

Today I want to share a video by Amani Channel. Amani asked the simple question what is stopping you from web video and vlogging? Amani puts it out there. He shows engagement and is a tremendous resource. The video highlights some general tips on getting started on your vlog etc.

More on Amani checkout his websites and services.

To put it in Lehman’s Terms, Amani is engaging us further to use video. Let’s all be ambassadors of video engagement in 2011.

Remembering Flashback Video “Epic 2014” A new year

It’s the New Year 2011 and everyone at some point in time has reflected on the future and where technology is heading.  Today I want to share a flashback presentation developed in 2004, before YouTube and Facebook were even around.  Epic 2014, an 8 minute flash movie by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson.  The Film starts off with a list of historical and real life events taking place from 1989 to 2004 and then the thought provoking fictional twist of events take place from 2004 to 2014.

More on  the Film Epic 2014 and Epic 2015

 To put it in Lehman’s Terms.  I found this film to be very insightful and kept reminding myself that this was done in 2004 before YouTube and other popular social networking sites.   Some of these events are happening now, the increase location based social media applications and the shift in news and journalism to online media from traditional media.  We are the news media using an online platform for distribution and engagement.  The use of online video is and will be a big part of the future.

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